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Last Updated on: Feb. 28, 2021.

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Genre (s)

+ Fiction (general)
+ Romance
+ Poetry
+ Adult/Mature Fiction
+ YA (Teens & Young Adults)
+ Children's
+ Wellness Articles, Social Justice
+ Anthologies

Important Notes!:

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Important READER SAFETY WARNING (trigger warning - for sensitivities)

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* Last updated on: Nov. 29/2017

Current Projects

+ First Call; Adult/Mature Fiction ~ being revised
+ Willow; Children's book ~ awaiting illustration/publication
+ If; a Wattpad exclusive YA ~ being written

+ A Painful Hope; Mature Fiction
~ being revised and re-worked

+ LGBTQ genre work
+ A memoir/autobiography 

Awards & Accomplishments

+ Consistent (5) Five-star Ratings for 3 out of 5 titles
~ Other two are not yet rated, at this time.

+ "The Piano" was featured in "BookMad" magazine;
April-May 2015 issue

+ Read & enjoyed by Disney's Mickey Mouse in Paris, 2017 ("The Piano")

+ "Ravenous Fate" was featured
on Realistic Poetry International; March, 2017

+ Book Reviewer & Editor at “Realistic Poetry International”

Current Entries & Nominations (2020):  

~ None at this time!~

About the Author (2017, Quick Overview) 

⦁ Born and raised in Canada
⦁ User of the ''Oxford Comma''
⦁ Multi-genre and Five-star rated on Amazon and Kobo
⦁ Passionate about using creativity to inspire positive change

- Aspiring child psychologist; Honours Grad (2019) of College-level Social Sciences. 

Thank you for your interest! Have a great day!


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All Rights Reserved.

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This is Copyrighted Material, published through Xlibris, Yola and Kobo by H.J
All other reproduction is prohibited unless permission is granted.
© H.J / author H.J Copyright, All Rights Reserved.

This Copyright Statement also applies to The Piano's own website,
and to all original and personal Social Media content posted by H.J / author H.J

DISCLAIMER: Prices my be subject to taxes and/or shipping. Currency conversion rates may also apply - I [the author] am not responsible for, nor in charge of any changes in company policies or guidelines, nor any glitches and/or temporary offers that may result in changes and/or other differences to these matters.

View a Statement on ENDORSEMENTS: HERE 

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* All works by H.J / author H.J are a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Printed (paperback). copies for ‘’PAWPRINT’’ and ‘’RAVENOUS FATE’’

have arrived & are now available - see the ‘Books and Media‘ tab for more info.

~Honourable Mentions ~ 

+ Brandon Lee, for everything & for also inspiring "The Piano"

+ 'Casper' & Aunt Alice (R.I.P!) ; who inspired "Pewter Rose"

+ Justin (SLC) 
+ Uncle Mike (R.I.P!)
+ My publishing teams
+ My spirit guides & Mentors
+ My school teachers, through the years
+ My PSWs & care teams

+ AC Moyer (Abigail), for her feedback with "Pawprint"
+ Oscar - owner at the Novel Idea Bookstore (Kingston) - for carrying my work
+ Tara Brach, for your inspirational book ("Radical Acceptance")
+ Sean Patrick at TGH (That Guy’s House, publishing co.)
+ John Green, for your helpful advice
+ Gloria Gaither, for your inspirational quote
+ Tyler Knott Gregson, for your inspirational quote and support
+ Author: Lara Honos-Webb

+ Kyle Dunn & his family; who are my biggest local supporters!

+ Danny and Sam
+ Kristin, Paul
+ And - of course - every single one of my supporters & fans, everywhere else.

Thank you all, so much.
* Will update all lists accordingly! *